Parking changes at YSU, impacts students

By Jessica Stamp

During the summer, the M-60 parking deck on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Fifth Avenue was demolished, with plans to build a surface parking lot. 

Danny O’Connell, director of parking services, said one of the main focuses with the new lot is accessibility as it will include approximately 165 parking spaces. The lot will be shaped like a track to help traffic move smoothly.

“We were interested in keeping some accessible parking spaces … it made sense to put down not a complete parking lot here but one that was two sections so it gave us kind of a track,” O’Connell said. 

O’Connell also mentioned other lots on campus that replace the lost parking deck spaces.

“We built a new parking lot behind the stadium and [WATTS] that has a large number of spots … we improved the lot [in front of the tennis courts],” O’Connell said. “We haven’t really filled up the M-70 lot which is our largest service lot with over 550 parking spaces.” 

O’Connell is hoping for the project to be completed by October but there have been a lot of challenges like bids for a contract to complete the lot, which have prolonged the construction of the parking lot. Bids for the new lot are currently being advertised and have to go through three to four weeks of advertising per state requirements. 

The Edge will receive 38 overnight parking spaces located behind the Enterprise. Right below the overnight parking lot will be another parking lot primarily for the Excellence Training Center. Parking Services is aiming around Sept. 14 for both parking lots to be completed. 

Alexis Funaro, a junior middle school education major with a concentration in mathematics and science, believes the removal of the parking deck will impact the education majors drastically due to Beeghly Hall being within close proximity.

“It’s so close to so many of the buildings especially like the Debartolo and it’s close to Kilcawley … and it’s just not going to hold as many people and that’s my main concern,” 

Negin Mirzade, a sophomore pre-medical major, wants more available space for students to park.  

“It was pretty old and we couldn’t use many of the floors … I hope that we will have more space for students,” Mirzade said. 

Some students understand the safety concerns and the reasoning behind the demolition of the parking deck but believe that parking on campus will still be a problem even if a parking lot gets put in place. 

“It was technically going to be ripped apart because it was very old and from safety concerns, I understand why the university management decided to take it apart. But at the same time, the parking is still a key issue on campus,” Ilgar Guliyev, a fifth year accounting major, said.

Guliyev pointed out that YSU should change the prices of the parking passes due to fewer available parking spaces at the core of campus. 

“This semester we’re not going to have as much … parking but there’s still a requirement to pay the same amount,” Guliyev said. “I feel like the fee for the parking services should be appropriate and approximate the availability of parking.” 

Elman Kazimli, a junior finance major, thinks YSU should have put more thought into the timeframe of the demolition and construction of the new parking lot. 

“It was kind of a fault from the university administration that they didn’t plan it ahead. First, they said that the due date is some late September and now they’re saying late October,” Kazimli said. “I think next time just think everything through comprehensively and probably put a lot more thought to it.”

For those interested in parking information on campus, call parking services at 330-941-3546 or send an email to [email protected].