One Stop: no stress, no mess

Student One Stop

Carrie DeMarco, a counselor at the Student One Stop, explains the benefits of the location to Slayman Awadallah, a sophomore criminal justice major. Photo by Chris Cotelesse/The Jambar.

The Student One Stop recently opened in Meshel Hall; it will provide student-friendly services, such as help with registration, financial aid and bill payment.

Dan Procopio, director of the Student One Stop, said he thinks it is a great asset to students. He said students’ questions and concerns will be addressed “in an effective and friendly atmosphere.”

“It will benefit students because they can come to one place. They know they’ll have one staff they can go to,” Procopio said. “It is an office that works in support of financial aid and a hub dealing with any issues regarding enrollment.”

Before the Student One Stop opened, students had to go to a few different places to complete everything.

YSU student Sean Ferguson said the Student One Stop’s existence makes life easier for students.

“Before, it was very hectic because you had to walk to different places to get everything you need. Now, you can just go to one place for all of your information, and it’s very convenient,” he said.

Carrie DeMarco, a counselor at the Student One Stop, said the service center will greatly benefit students.

“I think the One Stop will serve as an effective customer service area and one place where students can get many questions answered about their academic records and financial accounts,” she said.

Procopio said the Student One Stop saves money and time. Instead of providing staffing for several different services, all of the services are centrally located and staffed — thus cutting costs.