Ohio Chamber of Commerce: dividing businesses, harming Ohio.

The state, while trying to do what it thinks is best for the citizens of Ohio, is actually causing more hysteria. The people affected by Senate Bill 5 consist of those who either risk their lives for our protection or teach our children, the future of our country. The general public is not qualified to do either of these. Hence, they deserve everything they get (and, in most cases, they deserve more than what they are getting). The Ohio Chamber of Commerce has decided to support SB 5, resulting in multiple businesses removing themselves from it. The Chamber is supposed to be a safe haven for businesses. On their website, they claim to be an advocate for businesses, fighting for fair regulations and improving Ohio’s job climate. By supporting this, it shows just the opposite because some of the people they claim to be protecting are in unions and will be negatively affected.

The budget cuts may help the schools save money, but it seems as if they are trying to end public schools throughout the state because layoffs and cuts are causing some schools to shut down. The government is so worried about improving test scores and blaming the teachers when scores aren’t as high as they would like, but when schools are closed that makes them look worse than if they were open. There is no guarantee that SB 5 will create jobs. Without jobs, what will life be for the middle class?

It is our right to have opinions. Though some people feel that SB 5 is wrong, others feel this bill can help Ohio. That is why they stay members of the Chamber. I admit that the bill would control some of the excessive pay that some workers get for just showing up to work on time, but, again, they risk their lives to save us. I can see why some people would get upset and feel like they are getting ripped out of what they deserve also, but we have to consider each specific job. Showing up on time for McDonald’s is not the same as showing up on time to the fire station, which can be a life or death situation sometimes.

When I went to the website to try to find out who was still a member of the prestigious group, “Internet Explorer could not display the webpage.” Coincidence? I think not. What a wonderful way to try to avoid the heat that is being thrown at them right now.

The businesses withdrawing from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce are doing what they feel is right, not only for their company, but for Ohio. The long-term repercussions for each business, and each individual employee being affected right now, are unknown to us now. If the government decides to pass this law not knowing how it will affect the businesses, would they be able to reverse it or would we be stuck? Better safe than sorry or take that leap of faith that our oh-so-trusty government decides for us? The businesses that withdrew would probably reply with, “Let’s leave well enough alone.