New Signs Around YSU

By Nami Nagaoka

Youngstown State University has been working on installing new parking and street signs in and around campus.

Vincent Sacco, director of facilities at YSU, said the university is working on producing and installing the building, parking, street, directional and other signs within and around campus.

YSU is working with a local company called Mike Makes Signs.

“We think these really look sharp and great, and once you get them looking the same, it makes traveling around campus a lot easier,” Sacco said.

The street signs in particular changed from being green and white to red and white with the YSU logo.

He said YSU put the street signs on between the traffic light and the intersections where they could and they spent about $9,300 for these street signs.

Sacco said YSU also plans to install 15 directional signs around campus to assist vehicular navigation around campus buildings.

“[We’re] trying to make it simpler for the parents and customers that want to come to campus [as] visitors to get around,” Sacco said.

They also want to try to implement the YSU name in apartments around campus, such as University Edge, along with the business’s trademark.

Justin Peigowski, a senior majoring in telecommunications, lives in Cortland and drives through Martin Luther King Jr Blvd to campus. He saw the signs being installed by Stambaugh Stadium in the middle of March.

“The red suits YSU better than green did.” said Peigowski. “They help let them [people] know that they are in the campus community.”

Sacco said the final thing he wants to do is spread digital kiosks around campus areas to make it easier for everyone, including those with disabilities, to navigate through campus. Because of its cost, this is currently in the idea stage.

Youngstown Mayor John McNally said the new red signs around campus and its surrounding areas creates a connection between the university and the city.
“… Cooperation and collaboration, even on a small thing like that, is important for the relationship between the city and the university,” McNally said.