Native Producer Returns to Support the Arts

The McDonough Museum of Art will host a re-release of the 2013 feature film “The Power of Few” on Feb. 15, with showings at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. at $5 per ticket. A third showing will occur at Roberto’s Italian Ristorante downtown at 10 p.m.

Fred D’Amico, president of Youngstown Film Studios Inc. and a producer and actor for the film, is organizing the event to raise money for the McDonough and local theater groups. D’Amico also worked with Bobbi Lynn, a Youngstown State University fine arts major who lent her graphic design skills to the event.

“It is a celebration of a dream come true — making movies,” D’Amico said. “Believe me, when I left Youngstown, everyone told me ‘Fred what are you doing going to Hollywood? Come on man, go get a job.’ … Sure enough, you follow your dream, it comes true.”

The tickets for the event, dubbed Power Tickets, will also grant attendees access to special deals at businesses downtown and at the university. The ticket can be used once at each of the ten participating vendors at anytime, with deals and vendors listed at “The Power Ticket” Facebook page.

Each business will also sell tickets for D’Amico’s Power Raffle with prizes ranging from a Christopher Walken T-shirt to a part in the upcoming film, “The Tank.” Proceeds from the raffle will go to local theater groups.

“The Power Raffle is $1 a shot, and it goes all the way through the end of February. March 1, we are going to pull the winner. Two grand prizes are going to be given to be featured background talent in a movie that I am shooting now in Columbus in April. It is a $3 million movie,” D’Amico said. “It is going to be a major motion picture with distribution, theatrically, nationwide.”

D’Amico hopes that the event will be his first steps in working to bring the film industry to Youngstown.

“We have such a variety of locations that mimic those that you would see anywhere,” he said. “We have an untapped market, which means the prices are still low for rentals. Plus the desire to bring this industry here is the door opening.”

D’Amico said the Cleveland film industry has opened up the job market and boosted the hospitality industry’s revenue. After working with YSU, the city and the Youngstown Chamber of Commerce, he believes he can do the same for the growing city of Youngstown.

“I really have a desire to bring the movie industry to Youngstown, but we are finding out, even in Columbus, you don’t have any crew,” he said. “My main goal is to work with YSU to formulate some kind of a program to educate people on how to work on movie sets.”

D’Amico said he is hiring crew and actors for his next movie, and budding or experienced local actors, designers and technicians should reach out to him.

“I am also looking for people who want to bring films to Youngstown or doing film work, you can email me at [email protected],” he said. “I am looking for resumes of anyone who is in grip department, art department, lighting, camera assist.”

D’Amico said he will continue to expand the list of discounts by reaching out to local businesses in the days leading up to the event, and hopefully provide even more benefits for community members who come out to support the arts.

“Come see my movie, support the McDonough art museum, support by buying raffle tickets around town that will go to theater groups and win yourself a role in the movie,” he said. “Enjoy the discounts for the food and other items that have been offered by our sponsoring venues.”