The Jambar Editorial: More than space on a page

I’m not graduating — unlike my colleagues who also wrote — I’m stepping down from my position as editor-in-chief and will return to a less intensive position. 

I’ve known for a while — a complex mix of stress, health issues and the assurance that someone as equally deserving of leading such a wonderful organization would have the opportunity. 

The odd poeticism of this year has never failed to surprise me. From Jim Tressel resigning when I first started as EIC, to a fire on the first day of spring semester — I’m honored to have been there documenting the history of Youngstown State University — including The Jambar’s.

There is more to a paper and show than the content it runs. To be more than a byline has always been an internal struggle for me. To feel as though my purpose was beyond information to an audience who doesn’t care about my name was a painful self-journey I struggled with. 

But, it was always the people who made it worth pushing through. The people always made me love working at The Jambar and the people will always make The Jambar special. 

From the moment you walked in, I knew it would be you, Shianna Gibbons. 

I could imagine your name etched on the plaque outside the office, memorialized in history. Within one semester as a managing editor, you have always held your head high and I’ve admired you for it daily.

To my graduating editors, thank you for keeping me grounded. 

No one in this office has surprised me more than Michael Sheehan. For both of us having worked here as long as we have, nothing made me happier this semester than when you mentioned wanting to report.

I wish I could’ve explained the joy it brought me to include you into a process I love so dearly. 

You being the last person I trained while being in charge will always stick with me, and I’m extremely appreciative you trusted me in doing so — despite the fact my teaching strategy is equivalent to a trial by fire. 

I’ll miss discussing color schemes, headlines, grammar details and texting you the pointless office drama. Thank you, for always being the voice of reason.

My platonic soulmate and the best friend I could have asked for, Samantha Smith — the late night calls, memes and drama talks after production nights have held me together for the past year. 

You’ve been there with me through it all. We’ve grown up from being confused reporters to being trusted with raising the next generation of reporters.

From medical crises to downtown Youngstown adventures, you’re the person who made working at The Jambar beyond memorable for me.

I’m struggling to imagine it without you. You made every day that was hard, easier. 

The support I have received from the staff this year, especially Sam, Michael and Shianna, alongside my former managing editor and close friend Kyle Wills, has been beyond belief. 

To The Jamily as a whole — thank you for being the family I needed — the family I’ve always wanted. 

You’ve always been worth my time. You’ve always been worth my energy and you’re more than content.

Reporting for The Jambar, I’ve been Eli Coss.