Money well spent


We’re glad to see the projected $10 million capital bump from the state’s biennial budget being used wisely — or at least planned to be spent wisely.

The money is allocated for renovations for some of campus’ less sightly buildings, like Melnick Hall.

When you think about it, basic renovations are the only practical way to spend it.

The proportion of money spent on infrastructure and basic renovations like roof repairs has increased about 8 percent since 2008. But until a 19 percent nosedive last year, major renovations were also on the rise. 

If you discard the $10 million for the shelved Kilcawley Center renovations, money for major renovation projects has actually been more than cut in half.

Those major renovations are a thing of the past. The money just isn’t there.

Capital projects should include renovations for student facilities and not major upgrades.

Students have spent too long in classrooms with faulty equipment, missing ceiling tiles, mismatched furniture, paint-chipped walls, spotted carpeting and bathrooms without sinks.

The Melnick Hall renovation, lighting for the campus core and exterior renovations to DeBartolo and Cushwa halls are a good start.

With this $10 million bump from the state, our campus officials should find some way to get the ball rolling on the Kilcawley renovations. 

The money has already been shifted for the renovation of academic buildings across campus, but the state funding increase should free up money in YSU’s growing budget to fix the students’ center.