Meet the BCLASSE organizations

By Shianna Gibbons

The Beeghly College of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, & Education hosted its first student organization fair, Thursday, Nov. 10.

The Dean’s Dozen hosted the event to inform BCLASSE students about the different student organizations offered on campus. The event was held in the DeBartolo Atrium from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and hosted organizations specific to BCLASSE majors and other student organizations.

Rosie Nolder, the Dean’s Dozen event chair, said the Dean’s Dozen was excited to organize the first student organization fair.

“This is something new that we’re starting after discussing how to get more BCLASSE students involved on campus. So we just started it this year, but we’re hoping to make it an annual event,” Nolder said. “We noticed that [many] students didn’t know about the clubs we had on campus.”

The organization hosted clubs such as YSUnity, the history club, the anthropology colloquium and the various honors societies held on campus. Emily Swift, a senior majoring in anthropology, was a representative for the anthropology colloquium.

“We’re trying to get more people into the colloquium, and [the] anthropology program has a lot to offer. [Anthropology] can be applied to a multitude of different studies and fields and [is an] interesting subject to learn about in general.” Swift said.

Swift said the colloquium has various events during its meetings for anyone interested in anthropology.

“We do a combination of things. We try to balance between educational but also fun interactive events. We’ve recently had a dig party with those little [shovels,] and a lot of it relates back to anthropology,” Swift said. “Near Halloween, we had a craft night where we made skeletons out of paper plates.”

Rayvin Gorrell, YSUnity president, said YSUnity was also at the student organization fair to promote their club.

“[We want students to know] that we’re the LGBTQ club on campus and we want to make people feel safe and welcome and represented on campus and that we’re here to help them out,” Gorrell said. 

The next student organization fair will be the first week on campus for the spring semester of 2023.