Maldonado case continues in court


Ivan Maldonado, former president of the Youngstown State University Association of Classified Employees union, appeared in the Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas on Monday.

Maldonado and his attorney, Gerald Ingram, were granted a continuance by Judge James Evans.

The trial is tentatively rescheduled for March 17.  

Maldonado appeared in court for 24 counts, including theft, grand theft, falsification and tampering with records. 

Upon Christine Domhoff’s retirement in July, Maldonado took her place on the Ohio Education Association’s board of directors in the higher education advisory council for the ACE. 

He took this position a year after he was indicted for 10 counts of theft, nine of which are felonies of the fifth degree and one misdemeanor of the first degree. Amounts total more than $20,000. 

Brian Brennan, former president of the ACE, said he hopes the loose ends will be tied. 

“Whatever the outcome, I hope that the union will move forward,” Brennan said. 

Despite not currently working for the university, Maldonado is still a dues-paying member of the ACE.

His term ends in August. Unless he is convicted of a felony, he would be able to run again as a YSU-ACE representative. 

Lonnie Gentry, vice president of the ACE, refused to comment. Paul Trimacco, president of YSU-ACE, did not return phone calls.