M-2’s second phase to begin

Parking Deck Renovations_5-1-12

Danny O’Connell points out summer renovations to the M-2 parking deck. Photo by Sarah Perrine/The Jambar.

The M-2 parking deck will experience its second set of renovations beginning May 14.

The aesthetic phase is the final part of the $4.5 million renovation project.

Danny O’Connell, director of support services, said that while the deck’s lighting and stairwells are the main priorities, some minor changes will also be made to create an overall cleaner look.

The top level of the deck will have concrete barriers and guardrails added to keep the deck up to date with regulations, while the bottom level of the deck will have the fencing replaced for visual appeal.

The wiring will also be replaced.

The second phase of renovations is slated to cost $900,000.

Additionally, the yellow lighting in the parking deck will be replaced with white light.

Parking services has received feedback that white light makes students feel safer, as opposed to yellow light. Some additional painting may be done within the basement and other dark areas of the parking deck to help brighten the areas.

“Staying ahead of the repairs has always been our goal,” O’Connell said.

In addition to the lighting and cabling, other small renovations will be completed over the summer. However, the additional renovations are not yet determined.

Possibilities for these renovations include replacement of the four garage doors, two on each side of the deck. Extra painting in various parts of the deck is also an option. Where and what is painted will depend on which renovation package is chosen.

YSU hired Carl Walker Parking to help develop the best possible renovation package for the summer and to oversee the construction.

The bid process will be coming to a close by next week. O’Connell said their scheduled meeting dates have already been set with the future contractor.

“Right now, the contractors are formulating their contracts based on the criteria set by Carl Walker Parking, and YSU will receive those bids by next Wednesday,” O’Connell said.

M-2 isn’t the only deck having work on it this summer.

A $400,000 package has been proposed for waterproofing issues on the roof and to repair some of the drains in the M-1 deck. These standard repairs will come out of the parking budget.

O’Connell said the work going into the M-2 deck has been planned to last for at least 15 years.

After the 15 years, the deck will be re-evaluated and possibly torn down.

Renovating now allows the university to start saving money for the construction of a new deck, which would cost between $9 and $12 million — just for a down payment, O’Connell said.

“If we can get the proper amount of money in this fund over the next 15 years, we will be able to improve parking and/or keep proper parking on campus,” O’Connell said.