Luke Bryan concert to come downtown: “Raised Up Right” tour will take place July 16

By Jessica Stamp

Luke Bryan’s “Raised Up Right” tour is heading to Downtown Youngstown with Riley Green and Mitchell Tenpenny opening the event. The country music star was set to perform in 2020 but the performance was pushed back due to the pandemic. 

Phoebe Breckenridge, director of marketing for JAC Live Management Group and JAC production company, said concerts used to be held at the Youngstown State University’s Stambaugh Stadium but decided to change the location to Wean Park due to the large amount of space it offers. 

“[Wean Park] best utilizes the new space. … It’ll just be a little bit easier on us and a huge event for the city,” Breckenridge said. 

The concert expects to bring in about 200,000 people. 

Breckenridge said the Luke Bryan concert will impact the YSU community by bringing people to Downtown Youngstown to support local businesses. 

“This event brings a lot of people Downtown…it gets all of [local] businesses down here full,” Breckenridge said. 

According to the Youngstown Live website, parking options include the downtown parking facilities and the YSU campus parking lots. If needed, the shuttle bus is available for transportation use.

Ticket prices start at $48.50 and are only available on the TicketMaster website.

For more information about the event, call 330-333-2049.