Local Corn Maze Welcomes Furry Friends

By Brianna Gleghorn
Jambar Contributor

Dog owners brought their furry friends to a corn maze event, “Maze Craze,”  on Sunday to celebrate the last day of the maze’s season.

Mike and Cindy Bacon have run the maze for the past 10 years. For the first five years, the maze was located in Columbiana and was then moved to its current location in New Springfield.

Cindy Bacon came up with the idea for “Maze Craze” when corn maze customers asked throughout the season if they could bring their dogs. She decided to have a day towards the end of the season where customers could pay a seperate charge and enjoy the maze with their pets.

Mike and Cindy Bacon’s daughter, Cassandra Bacon, is a Youngstown State University freshman biology major, and has been involved in the maze since she was eight years old.

Cassandra Bacon said the maze has impacted her life.

“[The Maze Craze] been a good experience for me,” Cassandra Bacon said. “Being a part of it has taught me a lot of responsibility over the years and it’s through this I’ve found my best friends.”

The maze is separated by color for different difficulty levels and there are checkpoints within the maze with a hole punch card to mark which sections have been completed.

The maze also has a farm scene investigation, a play area for children and other hands-on activities.

Debbie Mozzy, a member of Pet Partners of Youngstown, was at “The Maze Craze” along with other members and therapy dogs.

“It was a lot of fun going through the maze with the dogs,” Mozzy said. “[The dogs] had a lot of fun too.”

Erin Walters, a customer of “The Maze Craze,” brought her dog, Sulley, and the two attempted the Peter Pan-themed maze.

“The maze was super great,” Walters said. “Navigating through the maze was definitely difficult, and we ended up just going through the red and black mazes, which were the two largest. I think the dog day is something that is super fun for all who participate, and although you definitely get a little muddy, it is worth coming out for, and I will surely go back again next year.”

This is the second year that the maze has had this event for owners to enjoy doing the maze activities along with their pets.

To stay updated on “The Maze Craze” visit: www.getlostatmazecraze.com or follow them on Facebook @cornmazenewspringfieldohio.\