Lincoln Basement Contains Asbestos

According to a campus-wide email from John  Hyden, vice president of facilities maintenance at Youngstown State University, the basement of the Lincoln Building contains asbestos.

“Asbestos abatement has been scheduled in this building to remove flooring containing asbestos material,” he said. “All work is being conducted according to OSHA and EPA guidelines by certified asbestos abatement contractors.”

Hyden said the areas will be sealed off with appropriate barriers.

“[The contaminants] do not pose a threat or concern to the general public or building occupants,” he said.

Hyden said the work will be performed during the evening and on weekends.

“Every effort will be made to hasten the completion of this phase of the project,” he said. “We apologize for any inconvenience, and we are sure you will be pleased with the finished project.”