Like a boss

President Cynthia Anderson embodies the spirit of Youngstown State University.

Being from the Steel Valley, she knows the value of hard work.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from YSU and eventually became an instructor at her alma mater, where she worked through the ranks to the top administrative position.

But it was a personal email from Anderson that speaks volumes about her.

During an interview, a Jambar editor asked Anderson what she hoped to be remembered for. As financial issues dominated the hourlong conversation, the answer was in that context.

But the next day she emailed a more personal answer.

“I have always been an advocate for our students — and I would hope that our students would remember me as a person who made a difference in their lives,” Anderson wrote.

This wasn’t all she wrote, but it summed up her point.

While some may interpret this as a cliche response, the fact that she took the time to go out of her way and elaborate showed she spent time thinking about the question even after she left Fedor Hall.

From early beginnings in student government (she’s the reason we need fliers to be approved by SGA, by the way), Anderson climbed the professional ladder higher than nearly any other Penguin.

We should all manifest her drive, passion and determination, while maintaining the amount of loyalty and compassion that makes her the lovable, vibrant spirit we’ve come to appreciate.

She’s not infallible, and this isn’t to say we’ll agree with all future decisions she makes as president. However, we can never foresee an instance where we question Anderson’s priorities.