Letter to the Editor: Breastfeeding in public

Dear Editor,

This letter is to bring to light the issue of breastfeeding in public. Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful act that a mother can do to provide for her infant. Breastfeeding is the most ecologically sustainable way to feed an infant and offers many benefits to both mothers and babies. The issue related to breastfeeding in public is highly attributed to the sexualization of the breast. In western cultures, breasts have dual functions. They are a body part that is sexually attractive and involved in sexual activity and provides milk and nurture to children. Women who breastfeed in public often feel uncomfortable as well as the people around them due to the breast being a sexually attractive body feature. 

In the United States, women can breastfeed in public, but as stated before this can cause an uncomfortable situation for the mother and those around her. My stance on the matter is that women should be able to breastfeed in public in a conservative way. There are many breastfeeding covers and positions a baby can be fed in without the entire breast being exposed. Clothing should be worn that allows easy access to the breast and appropriate coverage to make both mom and those around her comfortable.

Thank you,

Emma Wukelich

RN, BSN Student

Youngstown State University