Letter To The Editor

To the Editor:

I would like to address the issue of bullying in children and teens. Bullying is a topic many schools talk about, but it is also an issue they do not pay close enough attention to. And because of bullies many children and teens are turning to suicide. Those who are being bullied can be led to believe that the world would be better off without them. The bully is the one who needs to take a good look at themselves and how they are making their victims feel.

Parents have a lot to do with their children becoming a bully. Children learn from what they see others do. If they have a parent who is a bully to others, a child is more likely to think that it’s a normal way to treat people. When in many cases, even the parents can be unaware they are bullying others.

If the child’s bullying behavior is not based on watching their parents or how they are treated at home, it can be related to the child watching TV. Bullying behavior could have been easily acquired from TV or peer pressure. But it is still the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child knows that they should not treat people in an abusive or hostile way.

Many parents are unaware of their child being bullied or becoming a bully because they are not home when their children get home from school. Many parents must work to make a good living and this takes attention away from their child. Many children know how to use phones and computer better than their parents. Sometimes, they hide journals about their feeling in their electronic devices. Also, many bullies are online causing problems and saying harsh things through social media even when they are not in school.

This is a problem that has yet to be resolved. More action needs to be taken before more children take their own lives because of a bully.


Kayla Smith, YSU SN