Letter to the editor: Sarah A. Perry

As a fifth year nursing student at Youngstown State University, I believe it is crucial that the Maag Library hours be extended. Our campus library has minimal hours and when it is open, most of the students are in class. While Maag Library stays open 24 hours during finals week, that’s the only time YSU students can freely use the library at all hours.

This is a major concern, especially for a thriving university. There have been countless times that students need to study over the weekend for upcoming exams, but since the library closes at 5 p.m. on Saturday and does not open until 1 p.m. on Sunday, it makes finding time to study difficult. As college students, we are already crunched for time — trying to work, maintain good grades and keeping ourselves healthy.

I have spoken with multiple students who have either put off studying or just did not study at all, because they do not have a quiet working environment at home and depend on the library to study. While the Maag Library is open 24 hours during finals week, what about the entire semester before finals? This is an even more critical time to prepare for exams!

I am near graduation and even though extending the library hours at this time would not directly benefit me, it could mean a huge difference in grades for future students.


Sarah A. Perry,

Youngstown State Nursing Student