Law Day at YSU

By Natalie Hoelzel

Law Day, an annual event held at Youngstown State University each fall, brought several law schools from all over the country to campus on Monday to provide students with insight on the programs they offer.

The event is sponsored by the department of politics and international relations and the Rigelhaupt Pre-Law Center and targets students who want to attend law school.

Paul Sracic, chair of the department of politics and international relations, welcomed students from all over campus to learn more about the schools from their representatives.

“Our goal for the event is to give students an opportunity to go to law school, but to also learn about each school. Instead of students visiting 12 or 13 different schools, the reps come here and help the students gain a better understanding,” Sracic said.

The event is intended to help students get a look at different programs and decide what they like or dislike, and get their questions answered.

Melissa Wasser, a YSU graduate, works in the office of admission and financial aid at The Ohio State University. She said she was there to help students find direction.

“We are here to speak to students on campus to potentially go to law school. We are here to get the school recognition, and also to help it stand out from the other schools and help students with any questions they may have,” Wasser said.

James Stanton, assistant director of admissions and diversity initiatives for Case Western Reserve University, was also there to give students guidance.

“I do a lot of outreach to students, and make our name known. I also review applications and give scholarship recommendations for the university,” Stanton said.

Students were able to get their name out there, and talk with people from schools they are interested in.

Matthew Stevens, a YSU student, was among the first to show up at Law Day.

“The event was highly informative. Many law schools were represented and they all had valuable information to share. It was quite beneficial to learn about some of the programs these law schools have to offer, such as clinics, areas of specialization, and joint degrees,” Stevens said.

Law Day has been going on for more than 20 years, with between 100 and 125 students attending each year.