Kim Kardashian for mayor … political nightmare?

In a recent clip from her sister’s E! show “Khloe and Lamar,” Kim Kardashian announced her future political aspirations.

Before you shake your head in disbelief, think about Arnold Schwarzenegger and

Ronald Reagan. Both were successful stars who made notable careers in politics.

Kardashian, who professes to being a Democrat, plans to run for mayor of Glendale, Calif., in the future. The announcement came with much criticism, as expected.

What the pundits forgot to mention is the success that other stars have had in politics.

“They do have advantages. President Reagan knew how to use the camera very effectively and outshine his competition, so there are certain actor-training techniques that can pay off,” said William Binning, a political science professor at Youngstown State University.

Kardashian’s mayoral bid closely resembles Clint Eastwood’s.

The iconic actor had a successful run for mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, a resort town in California. Thanks to Eastwood, the citizens of Carmel can now enjoy an ice cream cone in public.

Not all stars are cut out for public office, however.

If you recall Jerry Springer’s candidacy for governor of Ohio, you’ll remember a disaster.

Springer’s TV ad called for transparency, referencing his unique form of payment for a prostitute earlier on in his career. He very classily wrote her a check.

He’s someone who belongs in his usual TV spot, clearing up paternity issues and passing out Jerry beads.

Binning went on to say that stars who test the water in politics are generally seeking publicity for other venues. He cited Donald Trump as a prime example.

I’m going to give Kardashian the benefit of the doubt, though.

Kardashian has just as much right to run for mayor as any other schmuck placed on the ballot; just as much as Reagan had the right to be president. 

Just think: Without Reagan, we may not have ended the Soviet Union or gained affordable air travel.

What influential policies might the reality star have up her designer sleeves?