Just do it

Between work and school, it can be hard to fit the commitment of a serious relationship into a student’s schedule.

Add to that the freedom of living on one’s own for the first time and a healthy dose of sexual hormones, and you get a recipe for hook ups.

According to “Sexual Hookup Culture: A Review,” published in the June issue of the Review of General Psychology, our generation tends to skip the hassles of dating.

And why not? Girlfriends cost money, and boyfriends ask too many questions.

Serious relationships are treated as training for marriage, but most college students are too young, and half of all marriages end in divorce anyway.

Your college years would be better spent enjoying your independence and developing your own goals and personality rather than just being half of “that couple.”

Don’t let your peers or parents pressure you into dating someone because they think it’s expected.

If you’re like this editorial board, you’ve probably been involved with someone who wasn’t right for you. And if you’re like this editorial board, you probably stayed with him or her too long because you thought you were supposed to.

We’re giving you permission to do what you think is best.

It’s your life, and you get only one. So don’t waste it trying to make yourself into someone else’s image.

We’re not endorsing promiscuity.

Choose your partners wisely!

And we’re not endorsing carelessness.

Always use protection, and always get consent!

But if you’re happier being unattached, we wish you the best.