The Journey Begins with a Single Step

By Ian Frantz

Jambar Contributor

The reasons students come to Youngstown State University are as different as the majors offered here.

Vincent Trevino, a sophomore business administration major, is the youngest of six siblings who attended college before him.

“That was expected of me to go but what kept me here is that I like what I’m doing, and all the friendships and relationships forged with professors helps immensely,” Trevino said.

Nicole Mrofchak, a senior early childhood education major, had a similar experience but the idea came from her parents.

“My parents influenced me into going but what kept me here was the amazing atmosphere,” Mrofchak said. “All the professors and the great friends I made me want to stay.”

Jenny Wise, freshman in pre-nursing, explained her desires and what she wants to do with her degree.

“I come from a small town and wanted to get away,” Wise said. “I like to help others and with the new friends I’m meeting, I feel good about coming here.”

Andrew DeJacimo, freshman in mechanical engineering, discussed his mindset when he graduated high school.

“I wanted to find a job in a field I like to do and I’m staying because if you don’t get a degree, there is not a lot of jobs out there that are good paying without one,” DeJacimo explained.

Paul Price, a graduate student in criminal justice, mentioned his goal as he approaches graduation.

“I wanted to better myself and I was able to enjoy my classes while I did it,” Price said.

Of course, it’s not always simple. Danielle Pazillo, graduate assistant intern for the Center for Student Progress, said finding motivation is not always easy and can turn into a process.

“Students should take time to explore their career interest and find what makes them happy,” Pazillo said.

“Motivation stems from knowing what you want and having a plan to get there. It’s all one big process, but taking steps like these will help you get there,” Pazillo added.

This idea is supported by Becky Varian, director for the CSP. She discussed the detail of what students should be doing during their time in college.

“Students should be finding new strategies for studying, because studying like you did in high school will not help you in college,” Varian said.

Varian recalled a student she helped back when she was a graduate assistant intern, and said motivation is important and any student has the ability to succeed.

“He was a prisoner for eight years, scored a 12 on the ACT and wanted to be an engineer,” Varian said. “He formed a strategy and would go to others for help every time he got stuck and after a while, he was able to transfer to Ohio State with his grades.”

Varian said it is important to remain motivated throughout college, which will help with career decisions in the future.