Jordan DePaul to Release New EP “Forces” at M Gallery


By Amanda Lehnerd      


Jordan DePaul’s new EP “Forces” will have a release party this Thursday at M Gallery in downtown Youngstown.


DePaul has been planning on releasing “Forces” since December 2015. In December DePaul had a private listening party to get feedback on his record.


“This is my first record I have promoted before the release,” DePaul said. “I usually just record it, master it then release it the next week. This time, I really took my time and sat on it and sent it [to] a bunch of people and got some really good reviews on it.”


DePaul classifies his music as Americano–folk. His vision for the record was to stay as close to his roots as possible.


“I started recording my EP with Matt Sherman, and he is with Warner Chapel,” DePaul said. “He is well known in the pop world, and when we first started the recording process I thought my album was going to have more pop elements. He was able to stay true to my sound and follow my vision for the record.”


The song “Brighter Shade Of Blue,” on the “Forces” EP holds special meaning to DePaul.


“My father died in 2009,” he said. “Right before he passed he told me he was afraid to die, because he felt he had not given enough time to God. This resonated with me and inspired the chorus: ‘when I reach the other side I want to know that I did my time/if what they say is really true they’ll never see a brighter shade of blue.’”


DePaul has recently signed with ONErpm, which has a wider distribution rate for music than his previous label. ONErpm originated in Brazil and brought their business to the states.


“ONErpm is going to rerelease all of my records on iTunes,” DePaul said. “They are going to run five campaigns, and YouTube campaigns to push my record and try to get my music on Spotify playlists.”


The performance at the M Gallery will be a stripped down acoustic set.


“I plan to be on the floor with chairs circled around me,” DePaul Said. “I enjoy playing smaller shows back home with an intimate set. It really allows me to let people listen to my music and hear the stories behind my songs and lyrics without distraction.”


According to DePaul, he plans to play for about an hour and a half. There will be some old songs but mostly new songs from the “Forces,” and some tracks that he has not had the chance to play at a show before.


M Gallery event manager and gallery director Johanna George said the event will have a bar and all of the proceeds will go directly to The Legal Creative.


“The Legal Creative is a nonprofit organization who offers educational services to artists, including seminars, workshops, one-on-one business consulting, attorney referrals, publications and legal resources,” George said.


JD Eicher, a good friend of DePaul’s, is the opening act at the event Thursday. Eicher classifies himself as a modern singer-songwriter. He plans to warm the crowd up for DePaul’s performance.


“I’m hoping to sing some songs that folks enjoy and maybe get some folks laughing,” Eicher said. “I hope people listening find meaning and connection with the music I make. I hope the songs make them feel something positive.”


Doors for the event open at 6:30 p.m. and admission is $10. Patrons must be over 18 years old to attend.

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