Jenny Lewis’s New Album is a Must-Listen this March

By Brent Biglow 

With two epic folk rock singles already out, Jenny Lewis’s newest album, “On The Line,” has hipsters excited for new music.

The first single, “Red Bull and Hennessy,” which came out in early January, is a mesmerizing song about wanting her lover back, but the other partner isn’t feeling the relationship anymore. It’s an entrancing song that makes you feel lost in her soul of wanting that one and only person, but once the flame is gone you’re “never getting back again without that spark.”

The second single Lewis released is “Heads Gonna Roll,” an intro track to the album. It lays the groundwork for what this album is going to be, all love songs — and I’m here for it.

“Heads Gonna Roll” and “Red Bull and Hennessy” have put runners on second and third and all she needs to do is knock it out of the park.

Lewis has brought on some heavy swingers on this album, some featured artists and some as bandmates. Headlining this who’s who team is Ryan Adams, Beck, Ringo Starr and others whose names have not been released yet.

Lewis hasn’t released an album since 2014, and this album is looking to be a return to form for her. “On The Line” will release March 22, and I can’t wait!