Jambar Top 10: Student Services

By Amanda Lehnerd

  1. The Center for Student Progress

The Center for Student Progress is the home to many helpful services for students on campus. Academic Coaching Services is located in the CSP where students can talk with professional academic coaches on a one-on-one basis. The coaches teach students learning and metacognitive strategies to apply to coursework.

Adult Learner Services is located in the CSP to help adult students age 25 years and older transition into college. The Adult Learner Services provides academic and personal support individually and through programs such as Academic Coaching, Starfish Early Alert and time management and goal setting.

First-Year Student Services helps students become familiar with Youngstown State University, build confidence, develop direction and identify opportunities that assist in achieving personal goals. Common first-year student services offered are peer mentoring, Starfish Early Alert, social and academic activities.

  1. Tutoring

Students have the option to seek out tutoring services when they are in need of help. There is free tutoring for courses such as accounting, engineering, biology, history, chemistry, physics, economics and psychology. If students would like to take a more individual approach to tutoring, there are regularly scheduled and individual group sessions. There are also independent study materials, computer-assisted instruction and review sessions for exams. Students can sign up for tutoring services online or call the CSP for more information.

  1. Counseling Services

YSU Student Counseling Services provides short-term, confidential mental health counseling, consultation, outreach and referral services to currently enrolled students. Issues that can be addressed during counseling are anxiety, depression, stress, relationship concerns and managing being a student. The center is located in 3009 Jones Hall, and students can call to set up an appointment.

  1. Day Care

Students who have younger children have the option to place their child in on-campus child care. Wee Care Day Care and Learning Centre is the provider of child care services to YSU students, faculty, staff and alumni. The center is located in the Fedor Hall and is open from 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Students can find out more information by calling (330) 941-2936.

  1. Ombudsperson

YSU’s ombudsperson provides students with experienced staff members who can answer questions, help mediate disputes, solve problems, explain policies and recommend changes in current university policies and procedures. The ombudsperson is available during regular office hours in the Office of Upward Bound in Jones Hall.

  1. Student Diversity Programs

The Office of Student Diversity Programs is here to enhance students’ college experience by contributing to an environment that supports diversity and inclusion. The program supports student organizations and individuals to cultivate relationships and create a sense of belonging on campus. Students can learn through the programs of the diversity office the value of civic engagement, cultural awareness and gain an appreciation for diverse perspectives.

  1. Student Food Pantry

YSU has a food pantry for students on campus. When gaining access to the pantry, students are required to swipe their YSU ID to collect the date and time of entry. Rec Center Interns & Nutrition Graduate Assistants help package the food to ensure nutritional balance. The pantry is continually accepting nonperishable and monetary contributions. The pantry is located in the hallway behind Wendy’s in Kilcawley Center.

  1. Writing Center

Students in writing courses on campus have the option to seek help with their papers from the writing center. Writing center employees can help students strengthen their papers by checking sources, sentence structure, thesis and the overall impact of the paper. Students wanting to seek help can set up an appointment online at the YSU writing center.

  1. Disability Services

Disability Services provide students, faculty and staff with assistance and information regarding accommodations for people with disabilities, either permanent or temporary. The center serves as a gateway for accommodations for YSU students with disabilities.

  1. Graphic Services

Kilcawley Center’s Graphic Services provides students with design services, exclusively for student events, student services and student projects. Graphic Services can create flyers, banners, logos and brochures and provides services such as large form printing, mounting and lamination. Graphic Services is located on the lower level of Kilcawley Center.