ISO hosts Gatsby Gala prom

Prom queen nominees line up for photos. Photo by Sydney Fairbanks / The Jambar

By Sydney Fairbanks

The International Student Organization annual prom took place from 6 to 10 p.m. Nov. 18 in the Chestnut Room of Kilcawley Center.

The prom’s theme was Gatsby Gala Night, as students danced to cultural music, took pictures and ate pizza provided by Chartwells Dining Service. During the event, attendees also voted for a prom king and queen.

Prom king nominees line up for photos. Photo by Sydney Fairbanks / The Jambar

Many students expressed appreciation for an international student prom since they didn’t experience one in their home countries. Huong Giang, a freshman business administration major from Vietnam, said she was fascinated by prom depicted in American movies.

“I really like the idea [of] prom because in Vietnam we don’t have such an event like this. It’s important for the international students that we get the chance to emerge in the U.S. culture and also make new friends,” Giang said.

Giang wore a three-piece outfit she found thrifting in Vietnam — a dress layered over a longer skirt with a thin sweater on top. 

Manav Desai is a sophomore pre-med major and board member of ISO from India. He encourages all students to attend events for international students to make them feel more welcomed.

“If more domestic students could take part in such events, then international students would actually feel like they fit in. It’s a great opportunity for students to network and have their diplomacy and lobby around and get to know other people,” Desai said.

To plan ISO prom, the board met at 3 p.m. every Friday this semester to discuss the target audience, food and to plan the theme. Desai said the Gatsby Gala Night theme was chosen to introduce international students into American culture.

“It’s a very good prom theme to introduce to students more about Great Gatsby, [the] 1920s and what the American jazz era was all about,” Desai said. 

Students who attend ISO events may also benefit from making new connections. Talita Foschi, who is from Brazil, is a senior marketing major and the vice president of ISO. She said it’s important to interact with different cultures.

“It’s very beneficial to interact with each other and learn about each other’s cultures. Since prom is an American event, international people have a chance to get into the culture, get to know about the culture. Also for domestic students to have interactions with international students, listen to the music, know about them and just hang around,” Foschi said.

At the end of the night, students voted for prom king and queen through the ISO Instagram page. Eleven of the best-dressed students lined up for a photo which was posted to its Instagram for attendees to vote on their favorites. Krish Patel from India and Michelle Ani from Nigeria were voted best dressed of the night.

For more information about the ISO, contact its president, Batool Alkarain at [email protected].