Hot off the Press: Printing procedures

By Kara Boerio

Printing on campus is a necessity for some of the Youngstown State University community and is convenient because several printers are located throughout campus buildings. 

The YSU mobile app provides a map of the 32 printers on campus and includes directions for wireless printing and monitoring students page count. To locate a specific printer, students can navigate the app by clicking icons on the map and then the campus printer respectively.

Sharyn Zembower, information technology service desk manager, said the advantages are being able to pick up prints from numerous sites, and saving money on purchasing paper and ink for personal printers.

“To be good stewards of the environment and fiscally responsible, we felt that 500 pages a semester was a good amount to provide students,” she said.

Printing can be done in black and white or color. However, one color page equals three black-and-white pages.

“If they are on campus, students can print at any time day or night. However, the print job will only stay in the queue [for] about four hours,” she said. “After that, it will be deleted, and you will need to resend your job.”

Students and staff can also print wirelessly from their personal devices using various programs or apps depending on the operating system. More information and a step-by-step guide can be found at the YSU IT services website

“Students can send their print job to the Student_BYOD_FindMe on a personal device or Student_FindME on a YSU-owned device print queue,” Zembower said. “Then walk up to the printer, swipe their ID and print their document.”

 Paige Tabor, a freshman dietetics major, said printing on campus is beneficial because some students don’t have access to computers or printers off campus.

“Five hundred sheets per semester is reasonable,” she said. “However, I do have some professors that put in-class notes on their Blackboard, which requires [students] to print them unless [they] use an iPad or something similar. Not everyone has an electronic device though, and some [students] may need more than 500 sheets per semester.” 

Students needing to obtain more print pages should locate a computer lab to complete the user application for additional print pages form and send it to the dean’s office. Upon approval, the dean’s office will submit the request to the IT service desk and notify the student via email when their print limit has been increased.

Rylee Gresley, a junior psychology major, said students shouldn’t be limited on the number of prints they get each semester.

“I feel like we are already paying for it in our tuition,” she said.

The walk-up printers weren’t easy to use at first, Gresley said, but there were no issues once she received instructions.

Bri Modic, a junior exercise science major, prints in Maag Library when she’s in a rush because she often spends time there studying for her exams. 

“It allows me to have more time on completing homework assignments,” she said.

Modic recommends students use walk-up printers,  allowing them to save time and money throughout their college years.

If a student employee needs to print for their job, it doesn’t count against their student print balance.    

“Their supervisor can request that they be placed into a special group that allows them to use the employee print queue,” Zembower said.

Contact the IT service desk at 330-941-1595 with any questions or concerns.