Hot Head added to YSU campus

Vacant since 2008, the building on 315 Elm Street – which most recently held Mighty Moe’s – will soon be in business again.
In late July, Youngstown State University trustees approved leasing the building to Pamela VonBergen to install a Hot Head Burrito restaurant.
“When we received the offer from Pamela, we quickly realized that would be a good fit,” said George Morgione, YSU’s associate general council.
VonBergen is already the owner of the Subway restaurants located on West Rayen Avenue and Federal Place in Youngstown.
“[VonBergen] has a viable business at Subway and she has a good business plan, so I think it’s going to do well,” said John Hyden, director of facilities.
The lease is in the process of being finalized by both parties, Morgione said. Once it is completed, Morgione estimated it would take 60 to 90 days before Hot Head opens.
“We are very close to having the lease document approved by both sides,” he said. “We’re probably looking at a couple months here before it opens.”
According to the contract, the lease is for 10 years at $30,000 per year. It can be renewed for additional three five-year terms after the first 10 years.
Hot Head Burrito is a quick-service Mexican food restaurant that offers the option to dine in. The franchise recently opened locations in Austintown, Boardman, and Hermitage, Pa.
Hyden said the building would be renovated before reopening.
“We’re going to be putting a new roof on it,” he said. “The only other significant repair is there’s some broken and damaged glass. Also, the dumpster enclosure needs to be replaced and the parking lot will be resealed.”
Already on YSU’s campus is the Mexican food restaurant Coyoacan Mexican Grill. While Morgione realizes the similarities, he doesn’t expect any problems.
“I think they have different enough offerings and several differences between the two,” he said. “There’s always competition in any market – that’s common in the food service industry.