Holy smokes — Rissa reacts

So, it’s no surprise that I like to spend my free time (oftentimes, I should be doing something else) keeping tabs on what is going on in the music world.

Too much has happened in the past week for me to focus on one event, and I had a pretty drastic reaction to each event. So here is basically how I reacted to various events in the music world this week.

Put on your war paint

It wouldn’t be right for me to not bring up Fall Out Boy’s new music video for “The Phoenix.” As a prequel to “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” this video freaked me the crap out.

I just love this band too much to fathom something bad ever happening to them, so naturally, Patrick Stump getting his hand cut off is going to freak me out. Honestly, after that happened, I was too freaked out to really pay attention to the rest and too scared to watch it again.

All I know is Joe got chloroformed, Andy was kidnapped and Pete got tranquilized all while Patrick sings a rock song and is being tortured at the same time.

However, after a hard glance at the lyrics, I understand what they’re going after.

“I’m going to change you like a remix; Then, I’ll raise you like a Phoenix.”

I think the torcher is so they can become a Frankenstein monster for what the industry, fans and businessmen want them to become.

So naturally the only thing that can save them is rock ‘n’ roll.

Their upcoming album “Save Rock and Roll” is already No. 2 on iTunes behind Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience,” and it’s only on pre-sale right now.

“Save Rock and Roll” comes out April 15 and 16 worldwide.

In a blog Pete Wentz wrote, he explained the title isn’t to be taken literally. That, in a way, it’s ironic because rock and roll saved them.

I can only predict that once another video comes out, the after math to “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” could possibly be Elton John saving them.

He and Courtney Love have been confirmed as guest artists on the album.

My other reaction to the music video: Even when being tortured, I think Patrick Stump’s singing would be flawless.

As a side note, it deserves to be said again how (I had an awesome adjective here but my editor took it out because she isn’t hip) amazing Fall Out Boy is for keeping this all under wraps while having such big-named artists to work with.

My Chemical Romance calls it quits

Not going to lie. I couldn’t name one member of My Chemical Romance before hearing the news and doing research. Nonetheless, I have a lot of friends who are hardcore fans of this band, and it’s never a clean break when a band calls it quits.

So I took it to Facebook to let my friends know I’m here for them if they need to cry over the breakup.

Members of the band didn’t say the h-word (hiatus…I know some Fall Out Boy fans still shutter when this word is said) — it was a straight up break up.

Bands and fans alike took it to social networking to tell tales of My Chemical Romance and the realization of this being the end of an era truly takes over.

Even though I’m not an avid listener doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what they’ve done for our generation.

Their music held the hands of many through tough times and will continue to do so.

Pulling a Van Gogh

A fan cut off their ear and mailed it to the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Whatever face you’re making right now is probably close to the one I was making when I read this.

Now, I’ve done my fair share of crazy stuff to get the attention of a band member. I’ve chased Logan Henderson down the street while he was riding a bike, I fell asleep on a sidewalk outside the House of Blues in Cleveland to meet Jack Barakat and I searched all around Cleveland looking for Jonathan Cook with a group of friends.

Never have I ever thought anyone would do something as to cut off their ear and send it to a band.

Apparently, it came with a note that said, “Are you listening now?” but no way of tracing who sent it to them.

I guess if they see a fan with one ear at a show, they’ll have solved that mystery.

But really though, my advice if you want to be noticed and appreciated as a sane fan, kindly keep all body parts together.