Guns and gripes

On Thursday, we’ll get a glimpse into President Barack Obama’s political agenda for the upcoming year.

Last year, it was higher taxes for the wealthy and a greater effort from manufacturers to insource jobs back home.

This year, it’s immigration, maybe the budget, the environment and those two ugly words no Republican wants to hear: gun control.

There’s no question that this country suffers from a violence problem. The debate is had over whether the current system of firearm regulation is effective enough.

That’s not for us to say.

We do, however, vehemently oppose the use of Sandy Hook Elementary School survivors and their families as a political bargaining chip.

They’ve been through enough. They’ve testified before Congress and in the Connecticut Legislature.

Leave. Them. Alone.

The deliberation should be made only logically and without an emotional appeal.

What happens in the end doesn’t matter now; it’s how we get there.

Simply put, don’t exploit grieving families to pass legislation.

Obama needs to utilize the spotlight for more meaningful purposes, not to play the sympathy card.

And now, onto the gun lovers. Would you please chill out?

The minute anyone even suggests that the government should tighten regulations on firearms, the National Rifle Association’s groupies go all Charlton Heston.

They act like the right to bear arms means any weapons. No one ever complains that we can’t buy atomic bombs or predator drones. Outlawing assault rifles and 30-clip magazines is not a totalitarian overreach.

Believe it or not, liberals like guns, too. Well, some liberals anyway. And if any government official proposes a ban on all firearms, those of us who have blown up a gas can with a shotgun will speak out.

Until then, just keep an open mind.