Guins Against Cancer raises over $30k for research

By Shianna Gibbons

Guins Against Cancer raised $33,468.57 for its annual Relay for Life event and first in-person event since COVID-19.

Daniel Yoder, a junior majoring in information technology and event lead for Guins Against Cancer, said he was excited about the in-person event hosted April 23.

“This year is the work of three years because we haven’t had a real in-person event since 2019,” Yoder said. “We can finally celebrate our survivors the way we’ve wanted to the last couple of years.”

Yoder said Relay for Life is a way of celebrating all those affected by cancer. 

“The event is what we make it to be,” Yoder said. “To honor those who are currently surviving cancer, going through treatment, in remission or for whoever we’ve lost in our lives to cancer.”

Nonprofits have experienced difficulty in fundraising with the economic downturn COVID-19 created, but Yoder said he is proud of the amount raised before and during the event.

“Our event is one of the most impressive in our region because we’ve raised [over $33,000],” Yoder said. “I’m proud of our leadership teams and participants.”

Yoder said Guins Against Cancer is in partnership with the American Cancer Society.

“Any money we raise here goes directly to the American Cancer Society for research, treatment and more for cancer patients and survivors,” Yoder said.

Katlyn Helt, a junior majoring in business administration and committee chair of Guins Against Cancer, said there were a few activities planned throughout the day.

“We have yoga, Zoomba, a food eating competition, rec games and small contests throughout the day,” she said. 

Helt said she got involved with Relay for Life because her life has been affected by cancer.

“Two of my grandparents are survivors. Back in 2015, I lost my grandfather, and since my grandfather passed away, I have [been more involved],” Helt said.

The monetary goal of the organization was $71,850, which Yoder said was a dollar for every cancer diagnosis in Ohio in 2020.

Ben Dalrymple, YSU alumnus and cancer survivor, said he’d been involved with Relay for Life his whole life.

“I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 2 years old, so I was involved with relays when I was a kid,” Dalrymple said. “When I came to YSU, I got more involved with event leadership, so I try to come back whenever I can.”

Dalrymple also had a team at the Relay for Life event called Laps on Laps. The team finished third out of 18 teams, raising a total of $3,479.

“This year, I’m team captain [of] a group of my family and friends that I could convince to come out and raise money for cancer research,” Dalrymple said. “It’s a great day, and we’re selling snow cones to raise some more money for today.”

Hayley Lowe, a junior majoring in nursing and logistics committee chair, said she has a few ideas to get more involvement and participation in the upcoming years.

“I want to make our social media more personal. Add more faces to [our page] and show off the different involvement,” Lowe said. “More unique fundraisers could also help.”

For more information on Guins Against Cancer, follow its Instagram @ysuguinsagainstcancer.