Greek Life at Youngstown State

By Alyssa Pflug

Student activities, along with the sororities and fraternities of Youngstown State University held a “Meet the Greeks” event last Tuesday in hopes to get new students to learn more about Greek life at YSU.

Alexis Timko, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, said Greek organizations help students become more involved on campus.

“You get to help so many people, reach out to so many people that truly need it,” Timko said. “It’s just so amazing to see you touching people’s lives in a positive way.”

Greek life provides a variety of leadership experience, said Krissy Davis, a member of Delta Zeta sorority.

“You obviously gain a lot of friends since you’re joining a sisterhood or brotherhood, and they are lifetime friendships. They’re not just for four years,” Davis said. “You have an entire organization supporting you academically.”

Kevin Kosko, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, said he gained a lot of connections by being in Greek life.

“It really helps build your character,” Kosko said.

Timko said that TV and movies tend to make Greek life look crazy and blow things out of proportion.

“We really value academics, our philanthropy, giving back to the community,” Kosko said. “We put first being students and that is what is most important to us.”

Davis said Greek life is definitely not what you see on TV in regards to the non-stop parties and crazy hazing rituals.

“Of course everybody in college at some point is going to attend a party, but all the sororities on campus have a strict no hazing policy. If we were found hazing we would be kicked off campus,” Davis said. “The positive things you see on TV, like a bunch of girls hanging out, chilling and eating pizza, that’s totally us.”

Kosko said he couldn’t see himself not being a part of Greek life. Timko and Davis agreed.

“Best decision I ever made in my college experience.” Davis said.