Goodbye From Randy Dunn


Greetings to the YSU Community.

The Jambar has been kind enough to allow me a bit of space here to take a final opportunity and share some thoughts as I complete my tenure at YSU this Friday, March 21.

Since I announced my resignation just over a month ago, I have tried to stay out of the limelight and not make too many public statements. To do otherwise would serve little purpose. But when The Jambar editors offered me this venue to say a last word to the campus, I didn’t hesitate … for one reason.

That reason is it gives me the chance to say THANK YOU to those people who, over the past weeks, have reached out with a note, email, call, thought or prayer. Ronda and I are very grateful to those of you who have made a special point to send a kind word or express your understanding of the situation.

Of course, I knew the press coverage given my abrupt departure would be tough for a while — in social media especially — but what has been gratifying for Ronda and me to witness are voices of support and caring extended to us by numerous folks during this time. I’ve tried to follow up with everyone who made a contact, but for those who I missed, please know your sentiments are much appreciated. As well, I wanted to publicly express my thanks to the YSU Board of Trustees, who were nothing but gracious in negotiating my wind-down agreement.

YSU is rightly proud of all that has been accomplished in its rich history … and all that will continue to be accomplished. No strong university — no successful organization of any kind — is about one person. Rather, it is about the collective belief and action of many who come together at this place to do things in cooperation with others — such as teaching and learning and research and service and outreach — that none of us could have the hope of accomplishing alone. Indeed, that work continues no matter who is in Tod Hall.

I wish YSU — and the people who comprise it — every future success.