Goodbye, Cynthia Anderson

Throughout her three years as the president of Youngstown State University, Cynthia Anderson has accomplished a great deal, including trimming $5 million from the university operating budget, creating and implementing the strategic plan and making great connections within the community.

“I have been amazed at the camaraderie and the support of the faculty and staff on this campus. I always knew it, but you’re still very happy when you have it. The community, I never would have believed the community support I’ve received,” she said in an interview with us on June 20.

For many students at YSU, including most of us here at The Jambar, Anderson is the only president we’ve known, and we’re sad to see her leave before we get to shake her hand at commencement.

Not only has Anderson guided us through the tragedy of Jamail Johnson’s murder and the fraternity hazing allegations, she has sought us out when we have wanted to talk to her and has always been willing to talk to us, and we love her for that.

Even students that have never had the chance to meet Anderson have to be impressed by the record-breaking donations that the university received this year — $10.3 million as of June 19 — which surely was helped by Anderson’s demeanor and tenacity during her three years as president.

Despite her air of professionalism and her grace in dealing with difficult matters, one can’t help but notice that she’s a kick-ass, down-to-earth woman who just happens to like rock ‘n’ roll and ride around in hot rods. No big deal.

Her dedication to the students is one that will be difficult to match, and we wish Anderson the best as she and her husband move to Nevada to begin the next chapters of their lives.

Youngstown State University will never forget you, Cynthia. You will be remembered alongside YSU greats like Ed O’Neil and Jim Tressel and are as much an integral part of this university as anyone who was ever walked on our grounds and through our halls.

Cynthia, you have exemplified what it truly means to be a Penguin for life, and we all wish you the best.