Getting into the Holiday Spirit

It’s the end of the semester, some of us are graduating and the rest of us are just excited to have some time off. This year’s Christmas break raises a lot of questions. Are we safe to go back to work at our part-time jobs? What are classes going to look like next semester if the virus keeps spreading? Right now, we shouldn’t worry about that.

It is finally a happy time. Time off we can enjoy! This semester has been one of the most difficult with all the different modalities and the dozens of different websites we’ve had to use to learn information for our classes. Now that we don’t have to appear in Webex or Zoom calls every day, we can get into the holiday spirit.

Since you can’t really go out — stay in. Snuggle up with a nice fleece and watch some Christmas movies, read a book, bake cookies; try and find something enjoyable during the time off to really boost your spirits.

Christmas in only 22 days away and in 29 days the horrible year that is 2020 will finally be over. The calendar will flip to 2021. We can only hope the new year will bring with it better fortune.                                          

Take this winter break as an opportunity to really break in those twinkle lights, record some TikTok videos to laugh at with your friends, set up a virtual movie-night and bake some cookies with your loved ones. No matter what curveballs we’ve faced in the past 11 months, we can take this final month of the year to reflect on the fact we’re still here; we made it. But, luckily, the chapter is coming to a close and next year comes with a new semester and new journeys. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow and be better prepared for any other challenges that may be in store from 2021.

While the pandemic doesn’t seem to be coming to a close along with the year 2020, we can still enjoy the holiday season and winter break ahead.