Getting crafty in The Cove  

By Elizabeth Coss

Kilcawley Center is known for hosting events, but this year marks the first it’s offered Craft Nights. 

Craft Nights in The Cove act as a creative outlet for students to take a break from academics by creating various types of arts and crafts. 

Ashlee Cook, business operations and reservations specialist in Kilcawley Center, said students are free to make art as they desire. 

“Crafts Nights at The Cove are a way for students to come together and let their creativity run free,” Cook said. “Feel free to change anything and customize it to be exactly how you like it.”

According to Cook, every craft night is different and allows students to always try something new and different. From painting penguins to making bracelets, students can expect the variety of crafts to expand by fall semester. 

“Our students have made coasters, paintings, wall hangings and more. In the fall, you can expect to see more fall or even holiday-themed crafts,” she said. 

According to Cook, supplies such as paints, brushes and markers are provided free of charge. 

Kenya Gilbert, a junior sociology major, said she sees a lot of students come in while working the front desk as a crew member for The Cove. 

“A lot of people do come,” Gilbert said. “I’d say maybe 20-25 people by the end of the two hours.”

The event is a great way for students to meet each other, according to Gilbert. 

“If you stay for a little while, you’ll see most [students] start talking and showing each other their art and comparing,” Gilbert said. “It’s a good way to make friends and get you warmed up to be more open.”

Craft Nights at The Cove take place 3-5 p.m. every Monday in Kilcawley Center.