Garg’s Term as Chair to End

Sudershan Garg’s term as chair of the Youngstown State University’s Board of Trustees is going to end following the 2013-2014 school year.

“I will miss all the hustle and bustle which goes on at YSU,” Garg said. “As chair, you are involved in so many decisions with the president and the staff, along with other members of the board, but nobody stays forever, and nobody should stay forever.”

Garg has been on the board since 2005 and has served as chair since 2011. He will step down into a regular role next year, which will be his last on the Board.

Garg considers the successful contract negotiations with the unions in 2011-2012, the introduction of many online courses and the significant increase in the number of grants that YSU is receiving to be some of his greatest successes as a member of the Board.

“I’ve always felt that education is very important for the youngsters, and I wanted to provide that service to the university in whatever capacity I can,” he said.

One of Garg’s last major accomplishments as chair will be leading the Board in selecting a new president for YSU.

Harry Meshel is in his seventh year on the Board of Trustees, and as a result, has served with Garg for several years.

Meshel emphasized the difficulties that Garg faced in his time on the Board, citing a third presidential search, declining enrollment and increasing costs. Meshel believes that Garg has done “a credible job” despite these adversities.

Eric Shehadi, one of the student trustees on the Board, praised Garg’s performance as chair.

“It’s been my pleasure to serve with him on the Board. He’s very thoughtful in what he says and what he thinks,” Shehadi said. “When we have discussions about issues, it can be hard to manage eleven opinions, he really strives to hear what everyone has to say and help the board form a consensus.”

The Board has already chosen its next chair, Carole Weimer, who has been on the Board since 2008. Weimer will assume the position following the end of Garg’s term.

“She has good experience and she has been a teacher of special education, and her heart is in education and I think she will do a good job,” Garg said of Weimer.

Shehadi and Meshel both echoed Garg’s sentiments that the Board will be in good hands under Weimer.