Five Fine Treats on Campus Streets

 By Mary Van Jura

1. Denny’s










Upon arriving at Denny’s at 10:30 a.m., I ordered an unconventional brunch: chicken and waffles. Sam, the cashier, happily chanted, “Ch-ch-ch-chicken n’ waffles!” and that put a smile on my face. What put an even bigger smile on my face was the combination of the fluffy waffle and the crispy, yet tender chicken. Yum! A+ for Denny’s Express.


2. Pressed


I went to Pressed Coffee Bar and Eatery on their opening day, Feb. 6. Pressed neighbors the Beeghly College of Education on Lincoln Avenue. I ate a scrumptious chocolate chip muffin that was large and fluffy. Their menu offers affordable fittatas, paninis and salads. I went for a vanilla latte, but they even serve Italian sodas!


3. MVR


If you have never been to MVR (Mahoning Valley Restaurant) before, you are missing out. I always get the Cajun Chicken Pasta because it is so unique and flavorful. MVR serves large portions for a small cost and they also do catering and events. They are located behind the M-1 parking deck for a great after-class meal.


4. Collections Café


If you are in a crunch for time and you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Jamba Juice, Collections Cafe serves delicious smoothies! My personal favorite is the tangy Mango. Occasionally, it is nice to indulge in a sweet frozen drink — even in the cold winter months.

5. Soleil Café










Ahh the Soleil Café. Known most popularly for its delectable crepes. But, there is another item on the menu that gets Penguins talking: the salads! This vegetarian-friendly cafe shows some love to both the healthy eaters and sweet-tooth seekers on campus. (Photo taken by Holly Vavlas)