Five for Five: Jack up the rev

Jack Up The Rev, which is The Jambar’s online sports show, is producing videos for the third straight year. Sports editor Joe Catullo Jr. is also entering his third and final year as the show’s producer and videographer. In this edition, the five most asked questions regarding JUTR are answered to help clarify the
meaning and origin.  

What does Jack Up The Rev even mean?

For a long time, I couldn’t answer this question. I didn’t even exactly know what it meant. The first definition is that it is our sports show’s name, period. I have decided to add to the first definition by saying it’s a motivational four-word phrase that can be used on any occasion. Try it out after you read this article. Think of it as “Keep Calm and Chive On.” I have no idea what it means, but repeat it all the time. If there is a definition, my email’s listed above. 

When was the phrase first said? Why did you say it?

The first time I said JUTR was back in February 2011. I was sitting with Pat Donovan when I was a sports reporter, my first year at The Jambar. He was describing his weekend and didn’t have the greatest of times. So, naturally, I said ‘It doesn’t sound like you really jacked up the, uh, the rev there, did you?” Pat didn’t stop laughing for about 15 minutes. Then the phrase was being said all over the office that day, that month and later that year. In August, former editor Chris Cotelesse wanted to do a sports show. I said we should call it Jack Up The Rev. Josh Stipanovich approved the name, and here we are now. 

How many people are involved in making
an episode?

In 2011, our first year, Chris was the producer at first and filmed me speaking. I would film every game and produced the episodes beginning in the spring semester. Dustin Livesay took the photos. There were also a few others that helped with videography. Last year, we decided to add a co-host with Steve Wilaj. I did all the filming, Dusty still did photos and others would help with videography. This year, it’s just me. I went back to the basics and am doing all the work in terms of producing and videography.

Why did you change JUTR’s outlook this year as opposed to one or two journalists recapping a game or week like you have the past two years? 

This year, so far in the first three weeks,
the episodes only consist of highlights with a new introduction, new logo, a catchy song and game highlights from a radio commentator. Why? The first two episodes have combined for more than 300 views already. Last year, and I don’t know the exact number, I would say we averaged about 30-50 viewers per episode. One time this year before the fall semester did a JUTR episode reach at least 100 views. The fewest amount of views during this semester for a JUTR video is just more than 100, and by videos I mean episodes, Play of the Game,
commercials and others. 

What is your proudest moment with Jack Up The Rev?

My proudest moment? I can’t just say one, but the first one that comes to my head is I am perfect when it comes to asking people to say the phrase on camera. Everybody that’s said it, I only had to ask once. My three favorites were Erin Andrews, Jim Brown and Tom Hamilton for different reasons. Another proud moment is, believe it or not, we have a JUTR episode that has more than 3,500 views. It’s on my YouTube account and is titled ‘2013 Boardman, OH Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby.” A lot of time and effort went into that video, about 10 hours worth. And, overall, I’d say I’m most proud of myself. I went from not knowing how turn a camera on two years ago to a guy who spends a good part of his week making videos, and I’m not getting paid any extra for doing so. I enjoy doing this. I enjoy being happy, and this is what makes my job not a job.