Finding the Pleasures in Life

By Marah J. Morrison

There is always that one thing that brings a smile to a person’s face. Whether it’s reading a book, going to the beach or spending time with friends, the reasons behind why someone chooses to do something they love may vary.

Hadeal Yusuf, a dietetics major at Youngstown State University, said she enjoys cooking. She said her mother is a fabulous cook, and they have been eating Middle Eastern food their entire lives.

“I haven’t been trying American foods all the time which is crazy,” Yusuf said. “I’ve never had Italian greens and that’s a big thing in Youngstown.”

Yusuf said she enjoys going on Pinterest to find recipes and considers herself a health nut. She said she enjoys eating salads and finding a way to make food tasty and healthy.

“I love watching the Food Network every Saturday morning,” Yusuf said. “Food is my life.”

Yusuf said she also enjoys making and eating rice bowls, salsa and anything spicy. She said growing up, she had a difficult time with food due to the culture she grew up in. Now that she educated herself, she’s able to help others with eating disorders.

“I have a good relationship with food, so that’s why I want to go into this field,” Yusuf said.

Haley Mozdy, a respiratory care major and a public health minor at YSU, said she recently started doing yoga. She said she uses it as a treatment for her scoliosis instead of having long-term treatment.

“It helps me relax and I’m thinking better more, like during finals week, doing this,” Mozdy said. “It just really helps.”

Mozdy said she started doing yoga about a month ago. She said she will do different, relaxing yoga poses.

“My back pain has decreased,” Mozdy said. “I definitely have a more clear thought process and feel more zen.”

Natalie Devincentis, an exercise science major and biology minor at YSU, said she enjoys working out and playing sports. She said this is a good stress outlet for her.

“I like track a lot, gymnastics and I cheer here, so I guess I like that too,” Devincentis said. “It gives me something fun to do that’s not stressful.

Alexa Morocco, a communications major and an advertising major and public relations minor, said she has enjoyed being a part of the advertising club at YSU. She said she has been part of the group for two years and they work closely with the Make a Wish Foundation.

“I got into it because some of my friends, who graduated last year, were involved,” Morocco said. “They told me I should do it based on my track in the communications department.”

Morocco said she fell in love with being a part of this club and decided to stick with it ever since. She said she’s made a lot of good friends within the club and enjoys doing the research that comes along with it.