Finals Week is Here

Jambar Contributor

Jaivaun Dodge

As every semester comes and goes, some students change classes, others change majors. But one thing happens every semester and you can’t escape it: finals week.

During the time of finals, stress gets the best of some students, while others save face with last-minute assignments. Nonetheless, every student dreads this time because it is full of work and studying for final exams.

The Center for Student Progress at Youngstown State University is a great place to go for students who want tutoring and to lessen the burden this time carries. Having to make or break a grade in class on a single assignment is something many students can have trouble with.

Mary Beth Earnheardt, associate professor of journalism, said it is no secret finals week is a stressful time for students.

“I am forever impressed with the way students are able to handle it,” she said.

For some students, studying can be more difficult, but the university has numerous resources and people ready to assist those who want extra help.

“I try to take advantage of the energy students have at the beginning of the semester by making the first half more work-heavy than the second,” Earnheardt said.

She said she believes the expectations aren’t reduced in the class by taking her approach to teaching.

Toni Chahine, junior early childhood education major, said she thinks having all of the finals in a week span isn’t too bad, but if it were possible for the university to have finals over two weeks, it would be easier to manage.

Having multiple finals on the same day can happen, and Chahine feels this can be a reason why finals could be over a two-week span. She also said she prepares by trying to study a week in advance, but the week can still be challenging with having so many.

Jon Cina, junior communication major at YSU, said he doesn’t like to have all of his finals during the same week, and he thinks it forces him into cramming his schedule.

“I think if we had two weeks of finals, it would spread out the workload and give students the chance to have better time management,” said Cina. “Preparing for finals is a very limited process.”

He also said he believes there isn’t enough time in the day to fully deal with classes and other extracurriculars, while also studying for finals.

Both Chahine and Cina, along with many students across campus, are excited to finish the semester and start break.

“I’m excited to be on break, so I can rest my mind and get ready for the spring semester,” said Cina.