Fights at Fraternities Leave YSU Students Injured

Witnesses claimed two Youngstown State University football players were involved in a series of assaults that took place at two fraternity houses late Saturday night according to police reports.


Two members of YSU Greek life were injured in the assaults.


YSU Police were dispatched to investigate a “large fight” on 253 Park Ave., the address of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house. On Monday, Youngstown Police Department officers spoke to a student who claimed he was assaulted an hour later at 45 Indiana Ave., the address of the Alpha Phi Delta fraternity house.


The student was driven to the hospital by friends and received five stitches over his eye.


According to the police report, the injured student claims a number of uninvited individuals showed up at the APD house and — after being ejected from the party — attempted to force their way back into the party. One of the intruders was identified in the report as a YSU football player.


While barricading the door, the student was allegedly struck in the face by the YSU football player. Shortly thereafter, the student reported hearing a firearm discharge several shots into the air from the street.


According to the report, the injured student was intoxicated at the time of the events.


YSU PD turned the investigation over to city police. They are investigating the two assaults as separate incidents. The YSU PD report concerning the fight at TKE includes the name of the student injured and the football player named by the Youngstown Police Department in their report concerning the APD assault.


According to Ron Cole, director of university communications, university officials have met with leaders of the greek organizations to discuss the incidents.


Greek adviser Carrie Anderson asked Jambar reporters to leave an Interfraternity Council meeting on Tuesday and did not respond to questioning when contacted by telephone Thursday afternoon.