Feeling the love with “The Dating Doctor”

JAHARIYoungstown State University students were feeling the love Sunday night as they received relationship, sex and dating advice from “The Dating Doctor”.

YSU Housing and Residence Life welcomed David Coleman also known as “The Dating Doctor” to kick off Safer Sex Week. In his program “Making Relationships Matter,” Coleman touched on all of the questions college students may have dealing with relationships and sex while tying in humor and audience interaction to bring something different to the lecture.

Carrie Anderson, YSU Student Activities director, said that bringing in Coleman was a great success and that he put on a very natural presentation.

“In February, we went to a Greek conference, and a few of the students we brought went and saw him and loved him,” Anderson said. “I’ve seen him speak multiple times and he has always been awesome.”

Coleman was the inspiration for the Will Smith move “Hitch” and has won countless awards, including 2011 Entertainer of the Year and 2011 Male Performer of the Year. To get students involved throughout the program, Coleman let students ask questions, take part in activities and also gave out prizes throughout the night.

Anderson said that Students Activities and Housing and Residence life both collaborated on bringing in Coleman to kick of Safer Sex Week.

“We’ve had him speak at YSU before,” Anderson said. “We were his first paying University speaking job, and when we approached him to come back, he said he always will have a soft part in his heart for YSU since we helped him start his career.”

One of the activities Coleman had students participate in was making their “Johari Window.” In their “window,” students would first describe their favorite animal in three words. Next, they would also describe, in three words, how they would feel if they were in a room covered with their favorite color.

“How you described your favorite animal is how people perceive you,” Coleman said. “How you described being surrounded by your favorite color is how you feel about yourself.”

As for the third aspect of the “Johari Window,” Coleman had students describe their favorite body of water in three words. These three words were how students would describe their current sex life.

Anderson said that Coleman’s unique approach to his presentation made the program a lot more enjoyable for students.

“One of the things he does best is crowd interaction,” Anderson said. “It’s great to have someone come speak that can get kids excited instead of not boring them to death.”

Sophomore integrated math education major, Gianna Marinucci, said she enjoyed how Coleman was interactive with the students during his program.

“He was really funny, but also shared a lot of good advice at the same time,” Marinucci said. “It was great to hear what questions a common college student like me has about relationships, and hearing his great answers to those questions.”

After the presentation, Coleman stayed 45 minutes after to answer individual questions students may have had.

“He didn’t shy away from giving an answer,” Anderson said. “He can understand all of the experiences students may go through, especially in college, because he once was a college student as well.”