Excellence Training Center opens on campus

The ETC allows engineers to have more space to learn.

By Mia Albaugh

To bring jobs to the Mahoning Valley, education and industry leaders in the area formed a partnership to create the Excellence Training Center, which opened July 26 for learners of all ages.

According to its page on Youngstown State University’s website, the Excellence Training Center is a “workforce-education, innovation and research center.”

Education in machining and robotics is the focus of the training center. 

More specifically, this includes advanced manufacturing, manufacturing research and design, automotive and robotics training, CC machining classes, metrology and CT scanning, industrial maintenance training and a “Foundry of the Future.” 

The plan for the “Foundry of the Future” is to integrate automation robotics into the traditional practice of metal casting. This comes from the call to put more technology into foundry work that has been done the same way for a hundred years.

After the steel mills shut down and Lordstown General Motors closed, the goal of the ETC is to advance training of the workers and future workers in these technical fields and ultimately meet the needs of new jobs that can be brought to the area.

The creation of the ETC was accomplished by a $20 million investment and a partnership between YSU; Eastern Gateway Community College; Mahoning, Columbiana and Trumbull County Career and Technical Centers; the Youngstown Business Incubator and NCDMM/America Makes.

The ETC will be leasing space with industry partners to create internship opportunities and co-ops so learners can have a jumpstart into their future and careers.

The ETC offers classes for anyone interested in advancing their knowledge in manufacturing, robotics and more.

 “It’s here for everyone. Not just YSU students, not for Eastern Gateway students. It’s for adult learners, K-12 students, people just looking to explore other pathways for career opportunities,” David Sipusic, director of the Excellence Training Center, said. “We want them to know they can come here to the Excellence Training Center and there’s usually something we can find for them, a new certificate program, a new training program, they can find a home here at the ETC.”

The two-story building is home to $10 million worth of advanced manufacturing equipment.

Some of these machines can be seen at work as 3D printers, spending hours creating ETC logos, Pete the Penguin keychains and fidget spinners.

Everyone is encouraged to take a tour of the new facility and take advantage of the new technical training opportunities available in downtown Youngstown. 

For anyone interested in taking a tour, contact the Excellence Training Center at [email protected]