Editorial: Internet Influence

During the past two U.S. presidential elections, the internet played a large part in creating an image for the campaigns, expressing opinions and swaying voters.

Other elections are also influenced heavily by the internet, and the current Student Government Association elections are no exception.

The Sydney Vegoda-Dylan Edwards and Rayann Atway-Ernie Barkett duos have been chipping away at each other during in-person debates, but primarily have been doing so on the internet.

In addition to the online disses, those who favor either party have been posting their support, which is then shared by others or by the campaigns. Most of the debates and major talking points from the campaigns are coming from and happening on social networks.

For those who aren’t on different social platforms, a lot of information is lost, not necessarily information that should influence how votes should or should not be cast, but information that can be used to judge the personalities and thoughts of the campaigners and their supporters.

This editorial is serving as a friendly reminder that basing a vote off of information from only one side, information that is heard second-hand from a friend or getting opinions from those on Facebook is basically wasting a vote.

Listen to the debates, look at the platforms and talk to the candidates for information. Rookery Radio has a livestream of a debate moderated by a Jambar editor.

The internet is a great way to get information, but don’t mistake opinions, no matter how well they’re crafted, as fact.

The Jambar doesn’t endorse any candidate, but does endorse researching your options before casting a vote for the voice of future YSU students.