Editorial: Do Something for Yourself

Life always seems to get a little hectic at the end of every semester. As we get ready to head into summer, remember to do something for yourself.

All students can think about right now are tests, finals, projects, papers, assignments, looking for summer jobs and so on. It’s easy to get swept up in deadlines that just keep coming. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to actually finish everything in the time we have left, but there is. We do it every semester.

It’s important to realize we are not superheroes. We can’t do it all without cracking. We’re just people. Remember, “I’m just one person.” Sometimes the stress can get to be too much, and sometimes we just need a break.

It’s okay to take a break.

So, make a list in order of due dates if you have to, but find time to do something for yourself. Whether it’s reading a book, watching a show, playing a game, taking a nap, spending time with your friends or just taking your dog for a walk, do one thing you enjoy and walk away from that pile of assignments for just an hour.

Whatever it is doesn’t have to cost anything, but it should be something you really enjoy or something to help you relax and destress. It’s important for your mental health.

Everything will get done, but don’t let it consume you. Relax. Take a breather and go back with fresh eyes.