Earth Day 2019

By Tanner Mondok

Earth Day was celebrated on April 22 among students and staff who enjoyed sitting by the fountain and viewing the newly bloomed flowers throughout campus.

The Youngstown Environmental Sustainability Society hosted an Earth Day celebration to honor the earth, environment and sustainability.

According to Allison Erf, a junior environmental studies and biology major and president of YESS, there were 14 different environmentally friendly and sustainable organizations present.

Students had the opportunity to talk to people from these organizations to learn more about different ways to get involved in local environmental issues and ways to live more sustainably.

Erf said celebrating Earth Day is important because it is an opportunity to raise awareness of the environmental issues we face today.

“Through Earth Day celebrations like ours, we hope to educate people who may not know much about environmental issues or the environment in general,” she said. “Ultimately, we hope this knowledge inspires people to take actions into their own hands by living more sustainable lives or taking the initiative to impact positive environmental change in the community.”