Early scholarship opportunities for YSU students

Several scholarship opportunities are now available to Youngstown State University students, thanks to both the Yo-Mah-O Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals and the Women Retirees of YSU.

The IAAP plans to award two $1,000 business career scholarships in 2013, while the amount of the Women Retirees of YSU scholarship varies from year to year. Last year, two students were awarded $1,000 each.

Crystal Stanton, a nontraditional student at YSU, said she was elated when she received the Women Retirees of YSU scholarship in 2011.

“This was the first scholarship I’d ever received, and I really needed the financial help for school, so it was a huge blessing,” Stanton said.

Stanton said students should get an early jump on their scholarship applications.

“Filling out the application and writing an essay doesn’t take very long,” she said. “And if you end up winning the scholarship, it’s extremely helpful.”

Stanton said the scholarship was important to finishing her education.

“A lot of students talk themselves out of applying by thinking that they aren’t qualified,” she said. “Don’t sell yourself short. Put yourself out there and try because, if you win, it’s a huge help and a great feeling.”

As the fall semester nears its end, the Women Retirees of YSU and the Yo-Mah-O chapter of the IAAP aim to remind YSU students that they have the chance to receive funding.

Laura Malloy, co-chair of the IAAP scholarship committee, said education is expensive, and many students need financial help.

“We hope that students would take advantage of every scholarship opportunity,” Malloy said. “We hope this ensures a strong future for our students’ professions.”

Marlene Dailey, a member of the Women Retirees of YSU and the IAAP, said they lacked student candidates last year.

“Any kind of assistance is encouragement for students to pursue their education,” Dailey said. “Knowing the present cost of college, any amount helps.”

The IAAP business career scholarship aids students who pursue careers in a business setting. Potential candidates could major in information technology, law, administration, medicine or related fields.

“Both organizations aim to raise money for two scholarships a year,” Dailey said. “We always encourage students to get the best education they can.” Dailey also said the organizations are excited to bring in new student applicants.

The Women Retirees of YSU scholarship awards female students who maintain a 3.0 GPA, attend YSU full time and have reached the junior class rank.

The submission deadline for the IAAP business career scholarship is April 15.

Submissions for the Women Retirees of YSU scholarship will be accepted until March 1.

For the business career scholarship guidelines and an application, visit http://www.yomaho-iaap.com.

For more information on the Women Retirees of YSU scholarship, contact the YSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 330-941-3505.