Dunn is Done March 21

Randy Dunn’s term as president of Youngstown State University will end on March 21 the Board of Trustees announced on Wednesday after a two hour executive session.

“Dr. Dunn is leaving on [March 21], 2014. Both the Board and he have agreed on the terms of this separation. He will be paid until the last day he works, and that way the university will save five months off his salary if he had stayed until the 16th of August,” said Sudershan Garg, the chairman of the Board. “I think we want to move forward; we want to put the old chapter behind, and we want to move forward. I think this is the best approach; the Board thought to be appropriate at this stage.”

After Dunn’s departure, Provost Ikram Khawaja will take over as interim president until the search for a new president is completed. Khawaja is scheduled to retire on June 30.

“Hopefully we will have a president by that time. If not, we will look for an interim president,” Garg said.

Dunn announced his resignation on Feb. 17 after signing a contract with Southern Illinois University Carbondale to become their next president.

Dunn and his wife will have 30 days to move out of the Pollock House, the university-owned residence for the president of the university, after he leaves office.

Khawaja is currently out of the country and will return March 15.