Don’t Do It For Yourself


By Gino Diguilio


Imagine the comfiest couch you have ever laid on. Now on top of that, add a handful of warm, beautifully hand-woven blankets swaddling you, creating a human cocoon. The smell and sound of a crackling wick from a subtly firewood scented candle burning across the room, giving off a slight omniscient light; just enough to give the room the relaxing, yet focused feel.


Are you falling asleep yet? Imagine being immersed in that scenario and having to write a thought-out article that is due the next day. It is pure torture!


I could have easily given up and not turned in an article for your lovely viewing pleasure, but that’s normally not the mindset I have for myself. I began to think of all of the wonderful work and amazing ideas I had created in the same exact circumstances and scenario I had put myself in at the moment. I thought to myself, “I can’t let everyone that has helped me get to this point in my life down.”


It got me thinking. Nobody is where they are in life because they did it by themselves. Someone followed you, guided you and pushed you beyond your limits because they saw greatness in you. Having the thought in my head of giving up or calling it a lost cause to write another article gave me that “sick to my stomach” feeling.


Amy Poehler once stated to the Harvard University class of 2011, “No matter who helped you, whether it be your parents, family or a even a higher power; God, Allah, Buddha, Gaga, whomever it is you pray to, they all helped you get to where you are in your life.” So whenever you feel as if you can’t go anymore or that you just need to give up, remember who helped you get there. They helped you feel less scared.


As you navigate through your adult life, don’t be afraid of that feeling of hitting a brick wall. Be open to the idea of collaboration, accepting help from others and having that ‘hand-holding friend’ follow you through life. It will help you keep your mindset where it needs to be.


I believe a lot of what helped me get past that sluggish slump of laziness is the fact that A) I kept pushing for the people that helped me in the past. And B) I surround myself with people that inspire me, challenge me and force to me to do my best at all times. I encourage everyone to do the same as well.


I understand whole-heartedly that everyone hits roadblocks and sometimes you just want to throw in the towel. But the next time you feel like that, just think of everyone that went out of their way and sacrificed time in their life to help you get to where you are at that exact moment. It will change your perspective immensely.


I mean look at me; this article practically wrote itself after changing my perspective on the situation. Who knew my advice worked?