Don’t cha know

My time at The Jambar has drawn to a close, and it’s time to say a bittersweet goodbye. The past three months working here have been full of lessons and memories I won’t soon forget.

I’ll miss doing the Carlton and chanting on production nights.

I think my most memorable experience with my Jambar friends was spending five days in Chicago. Dragging you guys to tourist traps and the two-story Walgreens heaven was unforgettable. Oh, and I learned a lot at the conference, too.

Mary, you are quite possibly the coolest lady ever. Thank you so much for feeding us poor college kids.

Marissa and Kacy, I’ll miss keeping the boys in line with you and doing the Carlton. Boys … try not to break any computers. Joe, helping film “Jack Up the Rev” that one time was a pretty meaningful experience. You and Steve truly bring out the worst in each other. I’ll help you make a music video any time.

Alyssa, you’re the best secretary I’ve ever met. And the most stylish. Jordan, I still owe you a meal swipe. I’ll miss your witty newsroom banter.

Steve, you little wallflower. I’m happy you came out of your shell a little this semester. I’m sorry I missed out on your early morning adventures in Chicago.

Josh, refrain from physical violence with Joe.

Kacy and Joe, I would like to address our grade on our Press Law project from last spring. It was unjust. The special edition of “Jack Up the Rev,” “Jack Up the Law,” deserved an “A.” Great job, guys!

We’ll have a great time in Capstone together.

Sorry I’m leaving after just one semester, everybody. But the allure of graduating on time while maintaining my sanity was too strong.

But don’t worry. I’ll be around.